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Roof Replacement

tiles are on the roof

Most experts estimate that roofs can last in excess of 25 years – if the installation and material choices are carried out properly – so you’re likely to get pretty good mileage out of your roof. But when you start to experience widespread disrepair or decay, or the roof begins to look unkempt and unattractive, it’s time to consider a roof replacement service for the betterment of your property. At Farmington Roofing Pros, we’ve delivered this service to the homes and businesses of Farmington, New Mexico for a number of years, and we’re proud of the results we’ve conjured throughout that time. Read on below for some of the benefits of choosing to replace your roof with us.

Life Cycle Benefits

It might feel like the cost of replacing your roof is prohibitive, or that it just isn’t palatable to spend money like that on your house – but the truth is, replacing your roof can actually be far more cost efficient than choosing not to. If you replace your roof, you’re guaranteed to gain an increase in the valuation of your property – partly because it looks so much more aesthetically pleasing, and partly because it ensures that the property won’t have any roof structure issues in the immediate future. Of course, you’ll also save money in the long run by avoiding having to spend on repairs for your roof and other areas of your property if the roof becomes permeable. When you consider this process as an investment rather than a cost, it makes obvious sense to go ahead with it.

Revitalize Your Home

Oftentimes, a roof replacement is a good way to revitalize your home, and breath new life into the aesthetic of the property. Sometimes your roof will be functional, but ultimately looking at it every day will get you down – it may just look unattractive. By investing in the services of roofing contractors, you’ll get a brand new look for your property, with your choice of material and style to match the rest of your property’s visual look.

Resolving Structural Vulnerabilities

If your roof has some structural issues, it’s imperative that you take action to resolve the problems. Sometimes it’s possible to sort these out with re-roofing or more straightforward repairs – but if you have widespread issues across the roof, it might be wiser to take a complete replacement approach. Roof replacement involves changing everything from the roof flashing and shingles to the support beams – everything will be new. This gives you a guarantee that there won’t be any problems lurking, and nor will you have a mishmash of repaired and deteriorating sections.

Energy Benefits

If you have an older roof, or a roof with lots of punctures or leaks, it’s quite possible that you’re losing a lot of heat every day. The roof is the single biggest vulnerability in a property’s insulation, and if you’re allowing air to seep out, you’re wasting energy keeping your home at a level temperature. A brand new roof guarantees a more energy efficient property, and that means lower utility bills for you – saving hundreds of dollars every year.

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