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At Farmington Roofing Pros, we regularly carry out our re-roofing services on both domestic and commercial properties across the Farmington, New Mexico region, and the results we achieve for our customers are consistently excellent. Re-roofing is an excellent option in several circumstances, and if you’re looking for a roof company to carry out this substantial work for you, there’s no better roofing team around than us. We have the experience, state of the art equipment, and refined attention to detail to produce the high quality results that you deserve. Read on below for some information on re-roofing, and why it might be the best option for your property.

What is Re-Roofing?

You might have heard of re-roofing before, but perhaps don’t know the exact meaning – it can be easily confused with other roofing procedures after all. Re-roofing is where you add a layer of new shingles on top of an older layer, rather than replacing a few shingles, or installing an entirely new roof. This procedure isn’t always possible to carry out, as certain conditions need to be met before it can be approved, but it’s an excellent option for those situations. It’s only possible to carry out re-roofing on a roof once, so if this has already been done previously you’ll have to look for other roofing solutions.

Why Re-Roof?

If you have some structural problems in your roof, you’re going to need to address them if you want to live comfortably in your property, and prevent further damage to the building’s structure. Re-roofing is an excellent solution for when you’re starting to experience problems with the roof flashing or shingles, but the damage isn’t so widespread an entire replacement is necessary. Roof replacement is a much more laborious endeavor than re-roofing, and this process allows you to target areas of disrepair or aesthetic decay without ripping everything up and starting from scratch – this is because you’ll leave all the structural elements in place.

Decision Time

The exact nature of your roof’s structural issues will determine whether or not you need some roof repair expertise, a re-roofing, or total roof replacement. The nature of roofing is complex, and that being the case, it isn’t easy to totally understand the exact processes taking place unless you have industry knowledge. We’ll do our best to explain the pros and cons of each of these procedures, so you’re armed with as much knowledge as possible before you make a decision on what you want to do.

Varied Benefits

There are considerable benefits to be reaped if you do choose to go ahead with a re-roofing service like ours. You’ll experience an increase in the valuation of your property, as well as far greater salability. Plus, the treasured possessions and belongings stored inside your property will gain the full protection of a completely functional roof – in that sense, you’re really saving money, seeing as you’d have to make a lot of expensive repairs or replacements if your roof remained in a state of decay. This is a really affordable service for returning your property to a rock solid condition, and something that we strongly recommend.

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